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3,900.00 € (Excluding TAX)

Frequency select: *

Select 915 MHz for the US and Canada;
select 433 MHz for all other countries.


Product Description

Rugged Flying Wing UAV for long distance surveillance

Zeus is a strong light performance multitasking aerial vehicle. It’s more than two meters wingspan and 2Kw engine makes him perfect for flights of over 1.5 hours and range up to 150 Km. And yes, he’s fast! He can go as fast as an average full size car. You can send Zeus in mission 30 or even 50 Km far and he will return home autonomous in any circumstance. Fully automated GPS based autopilot, laser sights and multiple cameras accommodate in Zeus huge canopy space. Perfect for lost persons in mountains or forests, can be equipped with life-saving thermal FLIR imagery, because robot’s mission is to save lives.


Full options autopilot including:

  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • Barometer for accurate altitude hold
  • Gyroscope for better stabilization
  • Full FPV system including large LCD display
  • Strong long range Spectrum DX7 radio control system
  • Canon S100 with GPS
  • Autopilot Pixhawk 3DR
  • 4 flight packs for all day fly
  • Travel case
  • UAV Robotics server GPRS positioning


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