Athena is a professional and versatile hexacopter. Her 2.2Kw power can lift her up to several thousand meters and has amazing speed capabilities. Used for instant intervention in any emergency situation, she can provide life-saving action where she’s needed.

His autopilot brain can be configured for covering up to 1000 hectares per flight. His stability on all axes makes data acquisition easy and allows the Zephirus to be used even in harsh meteorological conditions. He can be equipped with visible spectrum cameras and FLIR

The Hermes is a personal lightweight quad uav/drone. He’s all you need to start seeing the world from above. Packed with latest technology in Robotics auto pilot, he’s autonomous and very forgiving with his beginner master, ideal for beginners, journalists and hobbies.

Fully automated GPS based autopilot, laser sights and multiple cameras accommodate in Zeus huge canopy space. Perfect for lost persons in mountains or forests, can be equipped with life-saving thermal FLIR imagery, because robot’s mission is to save lives.

"A robot may not harm humanity by inaction"

Isaac Asimov